Monday, October 8, 2007

birthday party #1

Yeah, we're anticipating 3 birthday parties this month, so the title isn't ambitious. So this was Rusco night and we gathered together to celebrate. Cameron was given an adorable kitchen for her birthday and from the pictures you can tell that the big kids loved it too. I made the cakes for this event and learned a few valuable lessons: #1 I should probably get a mini muffin pan. My bug eyes looked horribly disproportionate and #2 Black food coloring (used for the frosting) turns lips black... some people don't appreciate the "goth" look. A wild and crazy night was had by all. Darren was the recipient of a few joke gifts. He got a fishing vest from his parents and a tackle box full of insults from his brother. Unfortunately he had let it slip that he was taking Jason fishing this week and hilarity ensued. Even more hilarious than the joke gifts will be the moment he or Jason actually catch a fish and the city kids attempt to butcher and cook. More blogs to follow.....

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