Tuesday, October 16, 2007

halloween costume update #1

So, several months ago Jason had a brilliant idea: he wanted to be the Geico gecko for Halloween. We all laughed and thought that was great, cute, just a kid thing, probably would pass... and here we are months later, making a gecko costume. In this pic you can see the tail and the beginnings of the body suit. I'm modifying a dragon costume pattern. I got a laugh yesterday when I was working on the zipper and muttered to myself something like, "oh no, I think I messed up!" Jason was over on the couch. He sighed and said, "alright, I guess I'll just be Charlie Brown again this year." I reassured him that I was very good with a seam-ripper and all would be well again soon. Stay tuned for more costume updates, and get my "Most Awesome Mom" award ready....

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