Monday, October 1, 2007

odds and ends

Alright, this one goes out to Nanny, who apparently needs new pictures. I wanted to save my posting for the 4th when I could combine it with a birthday shout-out to Noah and Tim, but those are a couple of good guys so we'll dedicate a post just to them. Ah yes, October is here and the birthday scramble has begun. On the 4th we've got the guys, the 5th is my mother-in-law, the 12th is Darren, the 14th is Cameron, dad's on the 18th, and the grandpa, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim finish off the month. Honestly, family, what kind of monster have we created? Nine birthdays?!!!!
Let's talk TV. Am I happy that the new fall season has begun? You betcha! That's right, I am loving Thursday nights because PB&J are back with the whole gang from The Office. This week 30Rock starts up (with Jerry Seinfeld.... how could you NOT watch Jerry?). Monday nights are suddenly interesting again with Chuck. He's great, just great, I will not have a TV crush on him..... And yes, eventually I do want to be a Heroes fan, I'll probably have to Netflix season 1. I won't commit to buying it because sci-fi is not my forte, but I'm willing to jump on board. I'd watch reality shows like The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars if the results/ weigh-ins weren't so drawn out. And this Friday my guilty pleasure show Friday Night Lights returns. Yes, I watch a drama about a high school football team, I'm really into angst and drama and football (?). Ever since Kyle Chandler got blown into pink mist on Grey's Anatomy I've been a fan of his and I think this show's the best depiction of a married couple on TV right now.
Update on Jason and kindergarten: still lovin' it. This kid never has a bad day. Apparently, everybody's his friend (especially the little red-headed girl that was hugging him all night at Back-to-School night.... hello? Can we get some PDA rule enforcement please?) I get all my information from the other moms because apparently Jason gets amnesia the minute he steps into the car at pick-up. "How was your day?" "Fine" "What did you do?" "I don't remember." And so it begins....
Cameron continues to thrive at the gym. "Jump at gym?!" "JUMP AT GYM!" She also has taken an interest in bathroom business so I jumped on it and bought her a potty seat. So far it has made an excellent hat.
One of the great things about being a parent is surprising your kids. Last Friday we picked Jason up from school in the motorhome and took the family to the beach for the evening. The plan was to play all afternoon, cook our dinner (hot-dogs) over the bonfire and spend the night. Unfortunately the rain started up at about 4 o'clock which was fine by us because the beach was howling with wind and the coloring books in the motorhome were not satisfying our children's insatiable need for activity. We did quickly light a fire, toast hot dogs and marshmellows and eat inside. We made it home by about 7 and were able to bathe and sleep in our own beds. Just a tip, use chocolate frosting on your s'mores instead of chocolate bars, it eliminates the wait time for melted chocolate (which never seems to happen anyway).


Sallie said...

And Nanny appreciates the new pics. Thank you Jason and Cameron for being so incredibly cute!

Love, Nanny

Jeff said...

Is it just me or do Cameron look like Kadin... probably not a compliment for either?

Noah gives the same conversation on the way home from school... try asking Jason what he ate... guys never forget that stuff....

Finally, I vote that October birthdays only be celebrated every other year... all in favor... "I"

Sallie said...

It's that twinkle in her eye that reminds you of Kadin - they both love mischief!

By the way - I'd like to hear more about that little red-headed girl. She better stay away from my Jason!!!

Love, Nanny