Wednesday, October 3, 2007

the crafty bug strikes again

So about a year and a half ago I was helping set up a ladies event at church where we decorated all the tables with vintage kitchen things. I was admiring one of the tablecloths when the owner just suggested I take it. I could not believe my ears.... people pay silly amounts of money in antique stores for vintage tablecloths and she was just going to give it to me. Her excuse was that it was ripped in a few places and she really didn't like it anyway. Well, being the drooling crafty retro fabric hound that I am, I snatched it up! I brought it home, found a cute pattern for a bag and cut out the pieces. And for some reason I stopped right there. I didn't have fusible interfacing or a lining fabric so I shoved it in my fabric container after a few weeks of letting it collect dust out in the open. And just the other day as I was going through my fabric to scavenge for material for Jason's Geico gecko Halloween costume (more on that later) I found the half-finished project. What was I waiting for? After spending about an hour (and a quick trip out to get my $1.47 interfacing!) I had made my most favorite bag EVER! Silly crafters, we have so many unfinished projects lurking under our beds and in our closets!

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Sallie said...

If you need any more unfinished projects...