Wednesday, February 6, 2008

snow day

We survived! The day was long and cold, but the kids had a blast. We drove up to Shaver Lake with our friends, the Hedlunds and the Keys. The kids (and adults) had fun riding sleds and tubes down the slopes of a snow park just off the highway. What's the deal with kids and gloves? You spend so much time putting gear on these kids, especially gloves and the first thing they do when they step outside is take off their gloves to scoop up a handful of snow and eat it. When you put their freezing wet hands back into the gloves they are basically ruined because the freezing wet hands have now made the gloves wet inside. I think the kids are genuinely shocked that snow can be so cold. Cameron did not like the hills covered in snow, nor did she like riding a sled with me. I think her favorite part of the day was walking around the flat, scraped parking lot. Jason surprised us with his bravery and sledded without one whimper of fear. It definitely helps to have all his friends around. Enjoy the pictures!


Sallie said...

What a fun day! Did you bring some snow back for Nanny and Da??

Have you noticed how much their sweet little faces are alike especially when you put them in beanies and can't see the hair?

Love Nanny

hilary said...

Oh how fun! I miss that we don't get snow...until I think just how cold it would be.

Your photos are great! Good Job!