Tuesday, February 19, 2008

valentine's day

We had quite a long Valentine's Day at the Rusco house. I think this is one of my favorite holidays because Darren likes to surprise us with a treasure hunt every year. This year was even more exciting for Jason because he could read the clues himself. In the morning the kids opened some takeout boxes that I had filed with handmade felt fortune cookies. They had messages and candy inside. We rushed off to school where Jason experienced the onslaught of Valentines and candy. Cameron went to library story-time where the librarian was kind enough to give each child a sucker. It was a nice gesture, but for Cameron it was too much sugar. She ate the whole thing and preceded to make us miserable afterward with her behavior. We picked Jason up from school and went home to start the treasure hunt. Darren had hidden clues around the house and in the car. Since Jason could read them all himself he took off without me and my camera because we were tied up in Cameron's outbursts. His last clue at home directed him to go to church to continue the hunt. That transition was great because at church Cameron was able to pull it together and compose herself while Jason finished his hunt. In the end the kids found Guido and Luigi and a tractor from the Cars movie. We got lunch and headed home for a NAP! Aubrey Bear enjoyed a lovely afternoon with Jason while he read books to her and his other stuffed animals, I think he called it storytime at the zoo. We had dinner at home and did our best to keep the kids from eating too much candy. The best solution for our kids is to put it away in the cupboard- out of sight, out of mind.

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hilary said...

yeah. Brady on candy is scary. I haven't experienced Hope on sugar yet because I don't give it to her except to "taste." But given her brother's history, well, I am putting that day off!