Friday, January 16, 2009


I'd really like one of these Ergo baby carriers so this blog post is one of the ways I can enter the giveaway. These things are the best as confirmed by a few of my friends so I'd really like to get my hands on one. If I don't win this I'll order one soon. I like baby carriers but hate the strain on my neck and back. These carriers distribute baby's weight more evenly across the hips and have very padded straps for comfy support. Sorry to advertise here, but if you want to enter also, just click on the Jolly Mom link on the right to find the giveaway info.


Flo Oakes said...

Hey! I keep meaning to congratulate you, but I have been horrible at remembering to comment on blogs lately. SO glad all went well and happy for you to have your little babe!

I have to agree wholeheartedly in the amazingness of the Ergo carrier. We LOVED it.

Have you tried a Moby wrap? It's what I used from birth-6 months with Amelie and then graduated to the Ergo.. I liked the Moby for the early months because it literally felt like I was wearing a tee shirt (with a baby stuck in it-haha).

You could make your own Moby by just getting a big loooong strip of jersey knit fabric (I think 5 yards) and cutting it in half lengthwise.
You don't even have to sew it, and it makes 2!

Directions for tying the wrap are on the Moby Wrap website.

I have had issues with every other carrier/sling because of neck and shoulder issues.
The Ergo and the Moby are the only things that didn't hurt, and I loved them both!

Jen said...

Yes, I've looked into Moby wraps too. Maybe I'll get some fabric and try it out while I wait for my Ergo ship to come in. Thanks for stopping by, Flo!