Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Will someone please explain to Cameron that the month of January is supposed to be spent indoors, around a fire, sipping hot chocolate? We have units on snow and snowflakes that to her little mind must think this is imaginary because such wonders do not exist here. Yesterday the kids and I spent most of the afternoon outside. She got so hot while playing that she ran inside and dug out her bathing suit and begged me to help her put it on. Tomorrow the forecast calls for rain. We'll be on our way to a radio station tour and our car will get a nice bath. I'm attempting to also take the kids out to lunch tomorrow... I'm sure a blog report will follow soon.


Sallie said...

But she's just so cute!


Melinda said...

LOL! I often remind my (nearly) 13 year old that it is Winter and she needs to dress accordingly, but she prefers tank tops! She'd be in agreement with Cameron!