Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So last week I posted that we were going on a radio station tour. Sorry it's taken so long to update you faithful readers. Here's the scoop: it was lame. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time being with our friends, going out to lunch, being away from the homestead, but as for touring the station? Lame. It would have been better if we were in the group led by the lady who knew what she was talking about, however, our humble little group was led by the receptionist. Not the Pam Beasly type, more like the Britney Spears type. Her big emphasis was on the awesomeness of the prize room (it's the room where contest winners get to pick out their prizes... get it?). She also was into explaining what kind of music each station in their family of 4 stations plays. She also had the nerve to insult the moms of our group by telling the kids that we probably weren't familiar with the rock or pop stations in their group, but rather the oldies station. Excuse Me! Just because I don't dress like Britney, it doesn't mean I don't know about Britney, er... I digress... Anyway, when we had the opportunity to talk to a DJ one of the moms asked if she had some sort of formal training, or school requirements for being a DJ. You see, we are a SCHOOL group, coming to the station for INFORMATION and EDUCATION. But alas, the DJ's answer was no. Instead she told us the awesome story of how she formed a roller derby league, got the rock station as a sponsor then pestered the station manager into letting her try out being a DJ. Guess, what? Because of her amazing deep voice and charisma, she was hired! What a lesson for the kiddos: there is no skill necessary for working at a radio station, all you have to do is start a roller derby league! Anyway, I was able to give Jason an impromptu lesson on radio waves, antennae and the like as we drove home.

Jason wrapped up his ancient Greece studies last week. We are just finishing a few projects. He made a cool mosaic placemat and learned to identify and draw Greek columns. We also spent time last week watching the inuaguration and talking about the Barak/Lincoln/MLK Jr. connection. He is learning to play the recorder so you can imagine that sound. It's not pleasant. But we have to sacrifice for the sake of the arts, right? Cameron is no longer concerned about being in "kindergarten" she just wants attention now, now, now, NOW! Hayden continues to be perfect. She gained a few pounds and grew an inch this month so I am reassured that I do know what I'm doing with a newborn.

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Sallie said...

I'm impressed you knew about radio waves, antennae and the like to give an impromtu lesson. Wow!

No matter what, you and Darren grow really cute kids!