Thursday, March 6, 2008

disney blog done right

Alright, now that I've lost count of how many loads of laundry I've done and restocked our house with nutritious food, I'm sitting down to tell you all of the magical wonders of a Disney vacation. These magical wonders would have been posted earlier if Disney had offered free Wi-Fi instead of opting to suck more dollars out of our slim wallets by requiring payment for internet. Bygones.... The drive to LA and stay in the Howard Johnson was blissfully uneventful. Cameron was a lovely little lady and I have a nice picture at LAX to prove it.
Unfortunately for Darren, his driver's license had expired and he didn't realize it until a TSA agent pulled him aside for a very thorough search. The kids and I got to witness this special moment. We knew he would have to go through this again on the return trip and I would have to do a lot of driving until the problem was fixed. The 4 1/2 hour trip to Orlando was fine except for the few times we dared to confine Cameron to a seatbelt... she does not like to be confined. She also hates elevators. We arrived in Orlando and were whisked away by Disney's Magical Express, a service that picks you up at the airport and delivers you to your hotel. They even claim your luggage for you and deliver it to your room. We loved that service!!!!! There's nothing worse than dragging your kids and luggage through an airport! Our hotel was Disney's All-Star Movies Resort. It is one of their 3 budget-friendly resorts, a basic Motel 6 room, Disney-fied. We stayed in The Love Bug section of the resort, other sections included Toy Story, The Mighty Ducks, 101 Dalmations and Fantasia. All around the resort they had giant replicas of Disney icons and the kids loved seeing them all!

The next day we took the shuttle to Downtown Disney (sidenote: you can't just walk around Disney World, this is 22 square miles to explore, they have their own freeway system...). Our main objective for coming here was a trip to the Lego store. Before leaving home I had withdrawn $20 from Jason's savings account so he could buy something for himself, I knew this is exactly what he would want. The kid was all business, he was a serious shopper who left us in the dust. It was so cute! After much deliberation he bought a cargo crane, very cool. We then went out to the tables where he and 50 other kids played Legos while their parents rested their weary feet. We had a nice time exploring the other stores and posing by all the characters.

I'll post more later, time to put in another load of laundry...

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Sallie said...

Jen -
We are struggling through laundry mountain too. It's incredible how much dirt we brought home! I'm really enjoying your pictures - you know I love pictures of my grandkids, but what about you? Are you in any pictures? Were you there???