Saturday, March 15, 2008

disney continued

Greetings blog fans! Sorry about the gap, but last weekend I had every intention of finishing when the vomit broke loose in our home. Yeah, it was yucky. The positive is that I have a great partner in Darren and we tag team puke like nobody's business. The kids finished their sickness in time to get back to school and into our normal routine. Jason is absolutely excelling in school, sorry to brag, but the kid is smart (his teacher pulled me aside to tell me he is very smart, her words, not mine...)! I was concerned that a little vacation time would derail him, but he poured himself into his work this week and had no problems, now he has 2 weeks off for Easter.
A little more about the Magic Kingdom.... the kids loved it and we did too! The weather was lovely, warm but not horribly humid and the crowds were ok, not too bad. We went on Friday and then again on Monday. We spent the majority of our time in Fantasyland because all the rides there are perfect for our kids. The highlight for Cameron was riding the carousel, she loves the horses ("they go up and down and round and round!"). Jason was fascinated by "It's a Small World", he loved Buzz Lightyear's ride and he couldn't get enough of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. The kids also loved Dumbo and the Magic Carpets. I think one of my favorite things was the awesome strollers you can rent there, they maneuver through crowds fabulously! Just kidding, I mean they were good strollers, but really Magic Kingdom was awesome. It's definitely a lot like Disneyland, and we've been there plenty, but it's got a few different touches. We caught the parade both days and the kids loved seeing all the characters, Cameron would exclaim every time she knew a character's name. She also had a great moment when we met Mickey Mouse. In the picture she looks shy, but she talked about Mickey Mouse the rest of the trip.

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Sallie said...

Jason - Teacups and Small World are my favorite rides,too!

Love, Nanny