Wednesday, March 19, 2008


There's a new craze at the Rusco house..... softies! I have been admiring this book from afar and finally bought it the other day. So far we have made three projects from the book and are itching to make more. Jason just had to make the ice cream sandwich and I love the tree. Today we made the Lonely Dollop (otherwise known as a pile of poo, no joke, see page 91 in the book). The owl was a project from an textile artist named Anna Maria Horner. I'm going to make some of her fabric canvas paintings for Cameron's room, hopefully I'll post pics soon. Softies are basically personified things or animals. I have my eye on a cute dog to make next and maybe even a robot. Stay tuned!

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John said...

Wow, who knew softies had so much personality? I like these projects.