Wednesday, March 5, 2008

walt disney world

Yeah, the title says it all... we were gone for a week in Florida, home of Mickey Mouse! But, before I get to that can I just spew out all my excitement over what happened today.... I met OSCAR, from THE OFFICE! We got up this morning at the crack of dawn to be at the Orlando airport to catch our 7:05 to LAX, and who was there waiting for the same flight? OSCAR, from THE OFFICE! He was tired, just like everyone else at the terminal, and I spotted him as we walked up. I turned to Darren and with a silly grin plastered all over my face I tried to discreetly hiss... "it's OSCAR, from THE OFFICE!" At that moment I instantly forgot where I put the camera, and it was OK, because the poor man needed a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. I sipped my mocha and plotted how I would extract his used cup from the trashcan. We began boarding and you know who was in 1st class. He was traveling with a guy named Steve (saw it on his Starbucks cup... I'm not crazy... just a rabid fan... support the rabid) who Darren figured out was Ned Bryerson from Groundhog Day ("Ned? Ned Bryerson?" steps in puddle...). Finally, our section was called and we of course were seated in the very back. I smiled at Oscar as I walked through 1st class while lugging Cameron, 2 carry-ons and a sippy cup, I remembered exactly where I packed my camera. The whole flight I debated with myself as to how I would get a picture with him. I decided my only hope was a delay at baggage claim... who wants to disturb a guy on a 5 hour flight, maybe he wants to sleep? As we disembarked, remember we're at the back, I gathered up Cameron and all her gear (which seems to multiply as the day wears on) and rushed off the plane. I left Jason and Darren in a cloud of dust as I ran up the jetway and shouted "see you at baggage claim!" Everyone must have assumed Cameron had a poopy diaper because the crowds parted for me and I arrived at baggage claim in a breathless heap. I spotted him and calmly removed the camera from the diaper bag. Darren and Jason finally arrived and the carousel had not started turning yet. Perfect. I handed the camera over to Darren and casually sauntered up to him, "Oscar?" I innocently asked. He turned and smiled as if he had done this a million times and said, "yes." I introduced myself, AND SHOOK HIS HAND! Darren snapped a picture as I was trying to ask him about the writer's strike and when they would get back to work (tomorrow!). He and Steve Somebody had been in Orlando shooting "Beethoven's 6th". This is the reason I want to fly out of LAX from now on... with all those black Lincoln Towncars zipping around the terminals, there's bound to be famous people flying to the same places I'm going! He politely posed for a picture with me and I would love to show it to you except...... curses, you Kodak EasyShare C340! You pick now to quit on me! I shall post pictures as soon as I can upload them, my camera is stubbornly holding on to them right now. And yes I will also post about Florida, for now enjoy these pics of the kids which I uploaded a few days ago at our hotel, Disney's All-Star Movies Resort.


David A. Rusco said...

Gramy says, "We know Ned but who's Oscar?"

David A. Rusco said...

Gramy says, "We know Ned but who's Oscar?"

Sallie said...

Jen - You're such a nerd! What an exciting day! You will have the picture framed and hung above the TV so you can stare at it while you watch OFFICE??? Maybe you can charge admission to see it???

Dad says he has a Starbucks cup in the trash that he would let you dig out if you really want famous person's cup. (I don't get it either!)


hilary said...

Seriously. You had more fun than your kids did!