Saturday, March 22, 2008

charlie and lola

The softie craze continues with softies of the kids' favorite characters, Charlie and Lola! Charlie and Lola are two little British kids who have great imaginations. Charlie is the older brother and he always corrals his little sister Lola's wild imagination, gets her to try new things and teaches her how to be a kind kid. I am so happy that my kids love these stories and I also love the artistry of Lauren Child, the creator of Charlie and Lola. Cameron loves to wear "Lola" dresses and check out Lola books from the library. Jason can read the books in a cute British accent. Very funny. So I was inspired to take the softies into the world of Chralie and Lola, enjoy!

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Sallie said...

We were so honored to have Charlie and Lola visit us at Easter! Thank you for bringing them with you. By the way, I love your new "host" picture.

Love, Nanny