Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fool's day

Sorry gang, I've got nothing. All day long (and all day yesterday) I've been thinking of a blog joke, but alas, nothing. Typically bloggers will pull the old, "this is my last day blogging, my life's too crazy to keep this up, etc. ..... April Fool's!" Darren suggested a pregnancy announcement but I thought that would be cruel. Jason was "fooled" all morning by the kindergarten kids, apparently they're great at April Fool's tricks. Leave a comment if you've been fooled this year or in years past, obviously I need a supply of ideas.
In other news, Darren's posted some new stuff on his Text in Context blog and also some new articles on prbc.info, yeah that was shameless promotion for my husband, I think he's great.

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hilary said...

I fell for only one trick today: a friend of mine who is dating some guy at her college wrote as her title in her MySpace bulletin, "I AM GETTING MARRIED!"
I forgot what today was...and totally fell for it. And she was just joking.
It was rather funny though...