Sunday, April 27, 2008


Jason had a great birthday party yesterday! The kids were great sports about the warm weather (you never know in April, it could go either way here) and they all enjoyed themselves. We kicked things off with a craft project, wood birdhouses, ships and airplanes that the kids could glue together and then paint. The little guys (the 2 year old siblings) had a great time at the Play-Dough table. Even the big kids liked the Play-Dough table (here's a pic of Jason, his BFF Sidney and Cameron). Next was the Lego pinata that the kids beat to a cardboard pulp. Jason wanted to be the rope-controller, he thought that was the most awesome part. He laughed like a mad man while he watched his blind-folded friends swing and miss. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer and took a turn, busting open the pinata for the candy rush. Next he opened presents from family and friends. Finally we ate Lego cake and ice cream. We had a great afternoon and we are so thankful for Nanny and Pops hosting the bash. To top it all off when we got home a very special package was waiting for Jason at our front door. His cousins, Noah and Kadin sent him a super soaker, and let me tell you, it is SUPER and it SOAKS! More to come on that I'm sure!


Sallie said...

Wasn't that the most fun party ever??!! I really enjoyed the pinata (and its fantastic Lego shape - you should market that!) and sitting under the tree watching Jason open his presents. What a fun day. When is the next party?

Love, Nanny

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Jason!