Monday, May 5, 2008


I've found myself drawn to birds lately. A few posts ago I shared my craft project for Cameron's room which was a mod podge owl picture. I made three more pictures using different bird sillouettes (how do you spell that word?) and different fabrics. Today I found a t-shirt at Ross (only $5, totally worth it, such a steal, how could I NOT buy it?) with an owl on it. The problem was a large ugly fabric circle on its belly. Being the optimist I brought it home thinking I could cover up the ugliness with my own fabric. Once I started looking at the construction I discovered that my amazing seam-ripping skills would transform the shirt. Once I got the ugly fabric off the owl looked adorable and I felt no need to replace the fabric. Why am I liking birds right now? I certainly don't like real birds, I mean, I like to look at them but I certainly would never hold one. I try not to touch animals very often. I'll let a dog lick my hand so the kids can see that it's ok, but generally I won't go out of my way to touch, er, pet one. In fact the other day I kind of freaked out at the sight of a moth on Cameron's blankie. She called me over to help her because she was trying to yell at the moth to get it to move and that was not working. "No, no bug!" When I saw that it was a moth, I called for Darren to come get it. I don't want to touch moths. They're tissue-papery and delicate and for some reason that creeps me out! Darren scolded me about freaking out about a moth, but come on, why was a moth IN the house to begin with!? All that to say, I like birds. I like them on fabric, stationary, wallpaper, t-shirts, artwork..... but not as pets!
I think I'm also reverting back to my childhood love of bright crazy colors. I was in a fabric store today and I found myself drawn to an upholstery weight fabric bolt of large orange and yellow poppies. A few pillows out of that fabric would really wake up my beige couch. Who knows, maybe someday I'll once again own a piece of clothing as awful as the pink and purple paisley sweatshirt I wore in 7th grade. As if 7th grade didn't have enough horrible drama, I also had to go through a bad fashion phase...


Darren T. Rusco said...

Scolded you? hmmm. If that was a scolding, then this is a "scolding" on how I didn't scold you. I was actually "encouraging" you not to go "Rod & Todd Flanders" on me at the sight of a moth. What's next? "Shut the windows kids, there's a rainbow outside!!! Run Away ! AHHH!!"

This conludes my "scolding" and my overusage of "quotations."

David A. Rusco said...

Darren, even though I've got 20 years as a professional bug killer, guess who kills the bugs in my house?

jills said...

jen don't feel bad i hate" THE MOTH" also sooooo gross hey do alex and miles remind you of rod and todd?

Flo Oakes said...

1. The Owl is adorable. Good find. (I have loved seeing all of your amazing craftiness)
2.My husband is afraid of moths and once threw a concordance at one to kill it.
3. This is directed towards Jill: I noticed your comment and got all excited thinking you had a blog linked to your name. Alas, my hopes were dashed.
I miss running into you randomly in SLO and I'm sorry we didn't hang out more:(