Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"how I hurt my leg" by Jason

When it was snack time I was running to snack to eat my snack. But, before I ate my snack I hurt my leg when I was running because I scrapped it on the brick planter. I went to the office with Mrs. Ricks to get a band-aid because there was no band-aids in the classroom, none left. I toughened up and all I was saying was "ow". After I went to the office I went to the tables and ate my snack. And that's the end.


David A. Rusco said...

Thanks Jason for sharing your story today. I'm proud of you. PaPa
But sometimes it's OK to do what I do sometimes...cry. Good writing.

David A. Rusco said...

Jason, I was glad to hear your story and know that you were pretty tough and patient waiting to see that there were no bandaids. see you later! love grammy

Sallie said...

Jason,you should start your own blog. You are a very good writer and have many interesting stories to share. Thank you for telling us about your day and how brave you were.

Love, Nanny