Saturday, May 17, 2008

spring program

Last night we attended Jason's spring program at school. The kids put on a production called "Donkey Tales". It was a cute story about several Bible stories with donkeys in them. Jason didn't have a specific role, he just stood up on stage sang the songs and did all the hand motions. It was pretty cute. The kids all had "cowboy/western" clothes and it was pretty funny helping him decide what clothes in his closet he considered "cowboy". Remember, Darren and I are anything but country so don't judge too harshly! I think the bandanna really helped deflect the attention from his non-country jeans and shoes! I think the part he enjoyed the most was going to McDonald's afterwards with all his friends and playing on the playground. He was a sweaty mess when we finally left for home! I included a picture of Cameron and her BFF Chloe. Those girls are too cute together, lots of laughing and running and hugging.

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Sallie said...

Jason - You did a great job. I loved how you sang all the words and knew all the hand motions. You looked like a real cowboy!

Love, Nanny