Tuesday, May 20, 2008

cookies and milk bubbles

One of my favorite tips on making cookies I learned from my friend Kristy in Portland. She would whip up a double batch of cookie dough, chill it, then roll little balls of dough and keep them in the freezer. At a moment's notice she could entertain with a pot of coffee and fresh cookies because she was prepared. I love this method because I used to get so upset making a batch of cookies that would dry out in a few days no matter what method I used to store them. Now I bake fresh cookies in the evening when the craving strikes and I'm also prepared for guests. This afternoon, Jason and I just had to have cookies. I took this picture of him blowing bubbles in his milk because I am still immature and I think this kind of thing is really funny! Enjoy!

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Sallie said...

So....how were the cookies??? Any to share???

Love, Nanny