Thursday, May 22, 2008

field bag

We've got "Indiana Jones" fever here in the Rusco house. The latest Lego catalogue features Indy in a few new sets to commemorate the opening of his 4th movie this weekend. Jason was very upset to learn about movie ratings today, and he could not believe that they make movies that he can't see yet! "But it's in the Lego catalogue!" Anyway as I was scanning my daily crafting blogs I found this entry for a field bag for the kid on the go. It was very simple, took less than an hour. Cut off the leg of an old pair of pants, sew a seam for the bottom and finish the top edge. Then, cut the other pant leg into a long strip for the strap. Sew a seam, turn it right-side out and sew to the bag. Voila! A field bag, just like Indiana Jones! Jason is now making treasure for me to steal (I'm the bad guy, not so cool since I just made him an awesome bag, but whatever!). He also found the whip that Darren borrowed for Jeff about 10 years ago for his Indy costume. Sorry Jeff, we never returned it.... why did you have a whip, anyway? We have a brown fedora somewhere in my closet, I've promised him I'd go find it after I posted the picture. All right, picture up, blog done, time to be a bad guy!

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Sallie said...

Jason - You sure look like Indy in this picture. What a clever Mom you have!

Love, Nanny