Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This weekend was the perfect time to catch up on some new geocaches in the area. On Saturday, Darren and Jason set out to find some new ones in Paso Robles. They found 3 but came home to pick up the girls so that eagle-eyed mom could help them out. We found 2 more. Sunday was spent inside because it rained! It rained on Memorial Day weekend! We're trying to kick off summer, here and it rained! On Monday, Darren and Jason set out for Atascadero to find a series of caches around Stadium Park and Pine Mountain. They planned on a few simple trails but also got the coordinates for a difficult cache at the top of Pine Mountain. Although the description warned that it would be a difficult climb for kids the guys did it anyway and called me from the top. I'm glad i didn't know about the cliff-side trail until after they got home safely. As you can see, the Indiana Jones costume is useful for geocaching too!

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hilary said...

sounds like FUN! I think an Indiana Jones outfit would just help you find treasures better.