Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bad mommy

I had another "bad mommy" moment today. In the midst of getting ready for school and changing Cameron's very inconvenient poopy diaper, I forgot to bring my camera to Jason's school for his character trait award. Every month two students are recognized for displaying godly character traits. This month Jason was honored for promptness and wisdom (I'd like to accept partial honors for promptness... I run a smooth and prompt carpool). He was so cute, even though his teacher (not his own teacher) announced "Jason ROOOSCO?" he gladly went up to accept the award. Get used to it kid, apparently it's a tough call, RUSco or ROOSco. He stood with his award perfectly positioned in front of his chest for the Kodak moment and I was camera-less. Good thing Nanny was there, I'll have to hit her up for pics. She's obviously a seasoned pro. The best thing about getting recognized is Friday pizza lunch with his teacher, Mrs. Ricks. He's very excited!


Sallie said...

How many copies would you like?


hilary said...

We get that too with Viohl (I guess it was originally something like Viohla)...from Vial, vee'ol, vole, vi -ole voll, yeah. It is supposed to be the second pronunciation... :)
Or one of my third graders called me Mrs. Violin! :)

Anonymous said...

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