Friday, April 25, 2008

happy birthday!

That's right, today is the big # 6 for Jason! And what a day it is turning out to be! Jason's class just happened to have a field trip to the zoo scheduled for today and Darren, Cameron and I got to go along (plus we brought cupcakes for the class). We all rode the school bus to the Lake park and had our orange frosting and chocolate cake cupcakes. Then we went on a tour of the zoo. After the tour we set the kids loose on the playground for 15 minutes before loading up back on the bus. For lunch we picked up some In-n-Out (which by the way, Jeff's in CA this weekend filling his belly with double-doubles I'm sure!). When we got home we let Jason open his presents from us which were two Hot Wheels City sets. It's basically a Hot Wheels city, get it? Tonight he and Cameron are off to Grammy and Papa's to spend the night with their cousins and then go to the hot air balloon festival tomorrow. Yeah, Paso has a hot-air balloon festival, amazing! We saw two ballooners practicing this morning as we drove to school. Should be pretty fun. Here's a few pictures of the crafty preparations for birthday weekend. First up is the completed Lego pinata. Some of the paint peeled so I went over it with another coat today. Also, I made a quick birthday banner Wednesday night. I think this is a fun one because I didn't do any embroidery work, just felt and glue (so technically, it was fun because I didn't take on too much!). Jason is wearing his birthday crown that he got at school today.

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Sallie said...

Happy Birthday Jason! And by the way - congratulations on your 100th blog post Jen!