Friday, April 11, 2008

crafts for cam

I am determined to start decorating for Cameron's big girl room because I know someday we will move and the kids will have their own rooms... someday! I think I've mentioned this project here before, but finally did it. It's super easy:
1. Cover an artist's canvas with fabric. Staple to the backside using heavy duty staple gun and use hospital corners.
2. Modge Podge the whole thing.
3. Cut out your shapes and Modge Podge them to the canvas.
4. Wait for it to dry and admire your craftiness!

One of my favorite things about this project is going into Michael's and buying the canvas, as if I'm a real artist! By the way, all canvases are 40% off this week and Beverly's has them for 50% off this month. I bought this 8x10 for only $2.50! And the fabric was from my mom's scrap drawers. I have three more canvases to cover, different sizes and I think I'll do different birds. Cameron's room will be so cute! Here's a picture to match the cuteness.

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Sallie said...

Cameron looks so much like you it's amazing! The craft is absolutely adorable - of course!

By the way, The Office was hilarious last night and I saw your new friend Oscar!