Tuesday, April 22, 2008

100th Post!

Wow, I didn't realize it, but this is my 100th post! I'd just like to take a moment to congratulate myself.... there, that's good. We are currently in the throes of birthday party planning. The big number 6 will be celebrated on Saturday at Nanny and Da's/Pop's/Slash (or as Cameron says, "Flash"). We're definitely going with a Lego theme (Lego cake, pinata, and activities). Jason is excited out of his mind and loves being a part of the planning. I think I'm going to use a diaper box and the bottoms of plastic cups to make a Lego pinata, should be fairly simple.... should be. The cake will just be a 13x9 with cupcakes on top for the Lego bumps, or whatever they're called. Jason can stand the wait. He especially can't stand waiting to spend his birthday check from Grandma and Grandpa. We thought it would be best to hang on until after the party so he would get a duplicate gift, but I think he's going nuts. The days are dragging on for him. Poor kid! Here's a picture of Jason in his new tent from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave and his big cool cousins (who played with him on the swings at Aunt Pat's party... which was Awesome).

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Darren T. Rusco said...

According to your blog archive, you have 66 blogs in 2007 and 32 blogs in 2008. Wouldn't that make 98 total blogs? But don't worry, 98 is pretty big too!