Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cloud jello

Today we made cloud jello! Jason and I have been studying water, the water cycle, evaporation, etc. in his science studies. I had planned on starting our homeschool adventure the first week of August but Jason couldn't stand waiting any longer and I compromised by starting science early. This is an easy recipe: make a batch of Berry Blast blue jello. Whip up a small carton of heavy whipping cream and 1/8c. of sugar. Take a spoonful of jello and plop it in the glass. Follow it up with a plop of whip cream. Layer until you reach the top. Eat, eat eat!


Sallie said...

That sounds absolutely yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

Love, Nanny

John said...

Can you call it evaporation if you don't use a spoon? I love the colors.

hilary said...
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hilary said...

Yeah, I posted a comment and didn't like it so I am starting over. Sorry!

What a great idea! It looks super yummy too. The kids and I have been looking at the water this summer. We haven't gotten very far in our study, but when we do, this will be a great dessert! Thank you for sharing.