Monday, July 14, 2008

what's the scoop, jen?

Well here it is... I officially hate my camera. Yeah, that's pretty much the cause of the blog delays around here lately. Last week we did a cool mini cupcake project that was both fun and delicious... pictures to come soon I hope. This weekend we went on a hike on the coast (on some scary bluffs and then down a scary trail to a wildly scary beach at high tide with a wicked undertow.... but very beautiful shells to collect)... pictures to come soon I hope. And we received our boxes filled with our delightful homeschool books for this year, it was like Christmas opening them.... pictures to come soon I hope. And this is why I hate my camera. It takes forever to coax it to turn on. And then, once it's on, it eats through batteries like Jason attacking an In-n-Out cheeseburger (or, more honestly, like ME attacking an In-n-Out cheeseburger). Do you watch the show "Jon & Kate Plus 8"? Kate hates her camera too, and then one Christmas Jon bought her a new one. I was so happy for her because I understood her frustration. All you want to do is record the adorable things your kids do and your camera wants to torture you. Like I said, I'm so happy for her... and a little jealous. Darren, I don't want to wait for Christmas! Our kids will do too many cute things between now and then, and maybe our new kid will arrive too, and then what? Poor third child, no pictures, no baby book, no memories.... This is how you can make up for your very unfunny joke about being "Darren & Jen Plus 10". We'll start the "Make Jen Very Happy By Buying Her A New Camera" Fund.


Sallie said...

Try Olympus this time. They have a rechargeable battery which means you aren't always going out and buying more batteries. I did end up buying an extra battery because I had a frustrating experience with no charge in my battery and the camera doesn't tell you it's low!!!

Darren and Jen plus 10 does have a cute ring to it!


Darren T. Rusco said...

You are so crafty, why don't you try drawing the kids cute moments or illustrating them through an artistic interpretation of some sort. Like those courtroom artists or perhaps Elmers glue and macaroni noodles.

Jen said...

Thanks for complimenting my craftiness, Darren but cough it up.... I'm researching cameras right now!