Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th of july!

We spent the evening with Grammy and Papa in the motorhome at a RV park across from Barney Schwartz park. The city does a huge fireworks show every 4th at Barney, so we had a great spot to view the show. Cameron and Jason love the motorhome (or the "mohome" as Cameron calls it). They especially like to spend time with their cousins. The kids spent the afternoon swimming, riding bikes and scooters,playing games and eating snacks. In the evening we settled n to watch the fireworks and as soon as they started Cameron declared "I want to go home!". She calmed down in the motorhome and watched the show from inside because the noise was just too scary! Jason loved the fireworks, especially the ones that looked like Saturn and the happy faces. (Double click on the top picture for a special message from Darren, the super-patriot).


Sallie said...

At least he's wearing a red shirt!


imjustaphoneguy said...

Darren, that face belongs on Mt. Rushmore.