Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i'm learning so much!

Jason nearly fainted when I told him this the other day. I think he was shocked to hear that 1. I don't know everything, 2. I forget a lot of things, and 3. his schoolwork is interesting to me. Last week our school schedule was thrown off because of illness and holidays so we spent some time playing catch up. We did a few projects, read a few books and the best project: a timeline! I've always wanted to integrate the history that I've learned with the Bible so since Jason is studying the ancient world we did just that. He's been helping me with my Bible studies this year, together we've read through Joshua, Judges, Ruth and now we're in 1 Samuel. In school he's read through a kid's Bible and together we've read through Genesis and now we're in Exodus. So this kid has also been studying ancient Egypt, Greece and now Rome. So last week we made a huge timeline and wrote in all the major events from creation to Jesus. I love the pictures that he drew: a few pyramids, the ark, a Trojan horse, Alexander fighting the elephants in India, Odysseus vs. the Cyclops, a very muscular Samson, Romulus and Remus and their wolf-mother and some heirogylphics. Ever since we've put it up on the wall we've used it as a reference, added to it and totally enjoyed it. I don't know who likes school more, me or Jason!

On another note, here's Cameron at four o'clock in the afternoon. Some days are rough!


John said...

I've seen Nanny looking just like Cam some afternoons. Of course, we don't have trampoline to work off our excess energy.

Luke said...

That picture of Cameron is a hoot! [smile]

Yes, some days are rough. Naps are a beautiful thing [smile].


Sallie said...

All of that and he's only in first grade! That's incredible! Can Nanny be a student in your school? I would love to learn all those things too. Sadly, I would probably be exhausted like Cams at the end of the day.