Thursday, February 12, 2009

li'l sickies go on a field trip

I know, I know, you're questioning my judgment in taking the kiddos out today. That's ok, I question myself constantly. But today was one of those days when I just knew staying indoors would create monsters out of my children so I opted to go out. We had a field trip scheduled for today and I didn't want to miss it on account of a little snot.

We've been spending the last 2 days (or 3?) in "legoland". "Legoland" is the condition of our living room floor when we dump out all of Jason's legos, sort them into color groups then attempt to build all of his sets. You may be asking, "gee, Jen, why don't you just keep the sets together in Ziplocs bags?" That would be too simple, friends. And it would not be very fun for a certain young man who likes to build his own creations. A few days ago he asked me why he didn't get more Lego sets for Christmas (he got one set). I told him that it was discouraging to his dad and me when we walk by his room and see all the legos all over the floor, in the laundry, the car and all sorts of other places. Why should we get more legos when you don't care for the ones you already have? That set the wheels in motion for Lego project '09. He recruited me to help him sort 6 drawers of Legos (yeah, 6!). Strangely, I enjoyed this project because organizing things makes me happy. So far we've built the airport, airplane, recycling truck, 2 houses, a cargo truck, ambulance and police helicopter. We still have several small vehicles to build, but progress is being made. I've promised to buy him a bookshelf to display this collection (and to help contain his book addiction) when we finish. To be honest, I'm kind of having fun building with Legos. One of the great benefits of having kids is playing with their toys!

Ok, so on to the field trip. We went to the post office in Atascadero today. It was a very informative tour. The best piece of advice I came away with: pack with care! If your package can withstand being tossed into a tub 8 times then it will survive the US mail! Otherwise, use "fragile" stickers. I took a picture of the kids looking at the truck. I didn't post pictures of inside the building for fear of the Fed knocking at my door. Oh, Jason's the kid in the navy blue hooded sweatshirt (that kid loves a hood... his hair is always messed up!).

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John said...

I know someone who likes to make bookshelves; he just needs dimensions. Throw in a picture if you have one.