Wednesday, February 4, 2009

park day

I thought it would be nice to take advantage of our 70 degree winter weather and go to the park today. Tomorrow we're supposed to get rain (hmmm... we'll see how significant it is). We packed a lunch and picked up Darren from church. Check out the big gaping hole in Jason's mouth. I did that. Sunday he bit into a cheeseburger and jostled his loose tooth to the point of agony so I stepped up and took care of it for him. It was disgusting! MOM-- STOP READING HERE! I could actually feel the tooth's roots rip from the gums and then it bled all over the bathroom counter. Poor kid, he gurgled and spit forever trying to get all the blood out of his mouth. OK MOM, YOU CAN CONTINUE AGAIN. You may be wondering why his dad didn't take care of this... I'll let him leave a comment. I can't believe I have the stronger stomach for this sort of thing! Cam had an interesting day today. She was painting, decided to rub her eye and ended up with green paint in her eye. I tried my best to wipe it out but the best solution was real tears. She was doing her fake cry during this whole incident but as soon as I announced that I'd need to get eyedrops the huge crocodile tears started to flow. I bet she doesn't even know what eyedrops are, it just sounded awful to her. And Hayden, just another day in the life of easy-going Hayden. Her smiles are becoming more frequent and intentional. She lights up for the kids and makes me and Darren work harder for a smile.


Hilary said...

Hope was that way too. She would smile for Brady all the time, but for Jack or myself we had to work to get a smile. In fact, her first intentional smile was for her brother.

Sallie said...

You know when you tell me to stop reading here, I will continue! Thanks for trying to protect me but that really made me sick! I'm glad the tooth is out.

Oh yah, was it a fun day at the park???


Darren said...