Wednesday, February 18, 2009

valentine's day

I know, it's a little late. But, several of you have been over to Darren's blog and noticed the clue for Jason posted there so I thought i would explain. Every year on Valentine's Day Darren makes some sort of scavenger hunt for the kids. This year was fun as always. Since it was a Saturday we started the hunt as soon as Jason got up in the morning. We had him get dressed (warmly) and sent him to the mailbox for his first clue. The clue was in an envelope addressed to Jason. Inside was a message that he had to decode.

The clue sent him over to the table where we had been working on a puzzle. He found the next clue taped underneath the table.

This clue sent him to the coldest place n the house, 4 degrees to be exact. Inside the freezer he found the next clue which sent him to a secret place above the kitchen and below the roof.

Cool, right? Jason loves going up in the attic. The next clue sent him to dad's blog and wouldn't you know it, the kid can log on and find it himself! Many of you saw that the clue read: a new Mii. Jason immediately knew to turn on the Wii and look for a new character that had been made overnight. Both kids instantly spotted the newbie, a large man named "pantry". Jason's Valentine's Day prize, a new Lego set, was indeed hiding in the pantry!

Next, it was Cameron's turn. Darren used his amazing art talent to draw picture clues for her. She started out skeptically, but soon grew excited.

Her favorite picture by far was the one of her jumping on her trampoline. Surprisingly, the toughest picture for her to figure out was the table and chairs! Cameron made her way from clue to clue until finally she found her prize, a new princess doll, in the pack n play.

It was a very fun morning and the kids enjoyed their scavenger hunts very much. I hope Darren's prepared for the years to come... 3 kids require lots of clues and creativity!


Sallie said...

Just a weird thought, I took a quick glance at that 2nd picture of Jason - the one with him getting the clue under the table - and for just a brief moment I thought it was Kadin! Other than that, I always enjoy hearing about the great Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunts. You are both very creative!


Melinda said...

I am so impressed! What wonderful memories you are creating for your children!