Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So Hayden and I are on bedrest!  I have a headache that I just can't shake and my doctor confirmed that my blood pressure is up (which is the reason for the headache).  So, to buy us a another week or two we have to lay low for a while.  What will I be doing with all my down time?  Here's a fascinating look:

* Eating:  I am currently typing between bites of chocolate Zinger and sips of hot chocolate (it's bedrest, not a diet!)

* Shopping:  I'll be cruising Amazon and a few other sites to finish (er, begin) my holiday shopping.  I would send Darren out with a list but then he might come home with random items like the aforementioned chocolate Zingers (... although I'm not complaining!).

* Crafting:  My goal for tomorrow is to figure out how to scrapbook while laying on my side... I may end up with a lot of crooked cuts!

* Watching TV:  I am in love with DVR.  I can watch all of this season's Office episodes back to back to back...

* Cleaning:  I have been known to cheat while on bedrest.  If I linger long in the bathroom it's because I started cleaning... the scent of clean doesn't usually follow a lengthy bathroom visit...

*  Appreciating Darren:  He's a great dad, chef and housekeeper, and I'm very happy to hand things over to him for a while.


Luke said...

Get well soon!


John said...

Luke, she's pregnant, not sick.

Bed rest is a great alternative.

Does the hot chocolate come with a carafe or are you limited to just one cup? What is your current rate of Zingers to cup of chocolate?