Tuesday, December 30, 2008

wii are grateful

Get it? Yeah, we got a Wii for Christmas. It's pretty fun. Jason is slowly becoming an expert and will soon defeat us at every game. It's hard recovering from giving birth and watching everyone compete without you. The few times I got up to bowl my body screamed at me to sit back down. Maybe this week will be different. I took a 15 minute walk on the dreadmill this morning. I kept trying to push the incline button down as it seemed as though the walk was ridiculously tough. I soon realized that 3+ weeks of laying around will atrophy your legs so even a simple walk will feel like an uphill hike.

Hayden continues to be practically perfect in every way. She has figured out that day time is when you stay awake and night time is when you sleep. I think she's brilliant! Her jaundice is clearing up nicely and she is gaining weight. She wakes up every 3 hours to eat which means that she gets up at 2 am and 5 am. So technically you could say that she only wakes up once at night to eat but I consider the 5am feeding night also. By the time I get up for the 8am I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I need to remember to set the coffeemaker timer at night...

Yesterday was my first day on my own with the kids. The morning went well, I actually showered before 10am. I foolishly attempted to shop with them and even more foolishly tried 3 stores. There are not enough snacks in the world to make it through 3 stores! I miss Darren a lot, not only because he can cook but also because it was nice to have another adult to talk to. I had forgotten how long a day can be without company.

I have been spending the last few evenings working on the piles in every room. In our house the presents get integrated in stages. First, they make it to the designated room. Then, the tags get taken off and finally everything finds a home. As I spend time doing this I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for all the gifts we received this year. We are loved by friends and family and even if these gifts were not given it would be obvious by all the support we received during this month. Thanks to everyone who surrounded us with love and prayers for Hayden. We are grateful!


Justice, Ashley, Avery and Rudy Jones said...

hayden sounds like a keeper. you know, you have enough for everyone to do their own part in Rock Band for wii... just keep darren off the drums :)

Sallie said...

Jen - You know I understand how a short time off can really atrophy your muscles, but just know that as soon as you start up again ("baby steps") it comes back really quickly!

Hayden is just too cute!


Melinda said...

You all are loved, and I was thrilled to hold Hayden last night! By the way, Darren, Trevor just has a small bruise on his nose from the basketball last night. Looks like he'll survive! Happy New Year and many blessings!!