Thursday, December 4, 2008

cheaters never prosper

Do you remember chanting this in a sing-song voice on the playground during the elementary years?  I know I did (there's a lot of Angela Martin in me... the party planning committee part, not the beeper part).  So yesterday in my first full day of bedrest I was feeling so well that I cheated a little, or a lot, or you know.....

Consequently, last night and this morning I am enduring another headache.  So my lesson has been learned:

* Doing a load of laundry is cheating.
* Getting up to get a cup of juice for Cameron or a snack is cheating.
* Working on the 1000 piece puzzle at the dining room table is cheating.
* Sitting upright is cheating.

So today I will do my best to lay down.  Which in turn will lead to a very good day tomorrow, probably tempting me to cheat a little and then have a lousy day on Saturday.  I guess it's tough to learn this lesson!

1 comment:

Luke said...

Oh my. Get well soon! Sleep.

...wait... is blogging cheating? Go back to bed!