Thursday, December 4, 2008

what about the kids?

So while I'm out of commission the kids have been staying very busy.  Darren has taken them to my mom's house the last 2 days to do school in the morning while he works a little in the office.  This has been a great treat for the kids and for Nanny!  Today Darren had to get back to the office for a few more hours so he put Jason in charge.  Jason gave his sister a snack and then created this indoor hopscotch game for the two of them.  Not only was it creative but it is wearing them out!  They also put on dance performances for me and we've done a few wordsearches together.  I think big brother is doing a great job.

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Sallie said...

So....who took the pictures? Not someone on bedrest!

P.S. Nanny had a fantastic time as the Home School Sub. Can I do it again?????